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In this semester I learned how to gain confidence in my writing ability. By being able to choose the topic of my project I forced myself to write even when I struggled with it immensely. I think that the class helped overall with thinking like a historian and being able to interpret tone and intention from someone's work. Thinking about why someone chooses to include something or not include it means a lot about what they want to get across. Although actually attending the archives would’ve helped make a physical connection to the history, having the scans of everything aided in the research a bunch. Overall I’m very happy with the skills and discipline I’ve earned from this class moving forward almost all of the skills I learned will translate into my History degree.

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On the first day of 1994, the EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation) revolted against the Mexican government. “We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a revolution,” said Subcommandante Marcos in response to this rebellion. This date is significant as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) took effect on the same day. The oppressed indigenous populations were for the first time galvanized to guide their own self-reliance. Many people have written about the EZLN movement, but not many have written about the effect on the indigenous population. Contrary to typically armed rebellions, the Zapatistas didn’t lead themselves…

Some of the specific things that factored into my decision to major in History are my interest in the Americas and their development. I hope to achieve the discipline necessary to help solve the injustices done to the global south. I hope to travel and experience other cultures and learn from them. I learned that soft skills are often what employers are looking for when they hire people, study of History helps strengthen these skills. I believe these skills will help tremendously when I get into historical research moving forward.

My historical research topic is going to be surrounding the EZLN movement in Chiapas, Mexico. I have always had a fascination with this group and its policies. They have had an enormous impact on people in this state, with ideas like women's rights, land rights, and sustainable agriculture. The group has shown people all over the globe that the fight against Colonialism and Imperialism is possible in the global south. It gave a new sense of hope for the poor and indigenous citizens after decades of desperation. To understand the true nature of the EZLN movement and the people they benefit from. I developed the research question: How has the work done by the EZLN movement impacted livelihood in Chiapas?

This assignment helped me immensely in understanding the process of writing a historical narrative. The main insight I gained about the processes and work that goes into creating historical narratives is that the process of archival research is extremely difficult. The labor in doing well-researched historical narratives should not be taken for granted, many people benefit from this work in the form of secondary sources. Moving forward I will greatly value the work others before me have done. Given the material conditions, this assignment was very engaging and allowed me to have a truly deep understanding of the body of work. I appreciate the accessibility of the assignment seeing as I’ve never had the opportunity to do archival research myself. Even if it is online it helps me connect to my work.

I decided to analyze the letter from John W. Weeks, the Secretary of War in 1921 to Governor Merritt C. Mechem. From this letter, we can see that Weeks felt the 24th was being misrepresented by a previous agents report. The report claimed that the 24th Infantry was a “grave menace to the peace of that section of country.” In his plea, he argues that rather than the entirety of the 24th participating in behavior like this only a handful of discharged soldiers and “other low characters” participated. To support his argument Weeks cites an investigation done by the officers…

We should approach primary sources differently than secondary ones because Primary sources inherently contain bias. Instead of carrying a negative connotation, we must understand that bias aids us in understanding context. While researching a primary source text we need to think about the Purpose of the article. Who is the author? Understanding their place in society and the intention of the document might help us identify the thesis. Once we understand the goal of the document we can then move into understanding the audience and argument. Before we can proceed, however, we must address our own presuppositions about the document…

Some of the analytical strategies that are critical for reading historical works I identified are change over time and context. These stand out to me in particular because change over time can be recognized and comprehended rapidly. Context is more important to understand History because we have to build a story from sources. Close analytical reading is important to historical thinking because it forces you to try and interpret the past from source material. One of the struggles I faced while attempting to apply close reading skills to evaluate the Nash article was having to interpret the intention of the…

The Historical location I will talk about is the small village of Ponderosa, NM. It mainly draws my attention because of its significance to my family. My family has been in the area for hundreds of years. I’ve heard many accounts from distant family members, some were cattle ranchers, some were factory workers, some agricultural workers. It’s always been a haven of sorts according to my family. I've always been interested in how this small village tucked away from everything can have such a broad range of characters and personalities.

To better understand its historical value I would want to…

Nicholas Soto

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